Download the complete manual here: MPA Manual

Local versions

For  Windows operating systems use this installataion package. The package contains everything necessary to run the MPA on Windows operating systems (including Java 1.8).

For Linux operating systems, please use the bioconda release “mpa-server”.

For detailed installation instructions you can follow our short installation guide.

Useful files

Use the test data set if you want to confirm the MPA installation was performed successfully.

To confirm successful installation follow these instructions:

  • Load FASTA database “Test_Metagenome.fasta” using Menu -> Update -> Add Fasta Database (appx. 1 min)
  • Create a new Project and a new Experiment in the MPA “Project” Screen
  • Run a protein database search with the files Spectra1.dat and Spectra1.mgf (appx. 1 min)
    • Default values for most parameters
    • Use “Search Files” dialog and select the “Test_Metagenome.fasta” loaded previously
    • Checkbox X!Tandem, OMSSA, Mascot checked
  • Run a BLAST search Menu -> Update -> BLAST unknown hits (appx. 3 min)
    • Select the experiment ID for your experiment
    • Select “Best identity”  for hit selection
  • Load the results by selecting your experiment and switching to “View Results” Screen and press “Fetch Results”
  • Use the “Process Results” button to create metaproteins, set the FDR to 0.01
  • Export results using Menu -> Export -> Export CSV -> Presss “Export Metaproteins”
  • If all steps are run successfully your installation works properly